FREE Webinar: High Ticket Sales Secrets

FREE Webinar: High Ticket Sales Secrets

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Karen Spence
Karen Spence

Family Get Together

Cannot believe that it was 20 years ago that I had my first child.

And here I am celebrating her birthday and she has her own daughter,

who is now almost 9 months old.



Yet, it still only feels like yesterday that she was the little one in my arms.

Don’t they grow so quick.

This is my WHY…..

This is what keeps me going and why I want to leave a legacy…

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Karen Spence


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FREE WEBINAR! 26th July at 5pm EST

Will you be joining us for our FREE WEBINAR?

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Karen Spence


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My Interview With Ben Martin

Had a bit of a shock to the system a few days ago….

I received a facebook instant message from one of my mentors (Ben Martin – who earns 6-figs a year)

Now what you have to remember here is that we are on different time zones – I’m in UK and Ben is living the life of luxury with his partner Anji in the Bahamas……

….So the time in the UK had just gone 1.10pm which meant it was just gone 8am with Ben, so after receiving his first message I thought to myself, why would Ben be messaging me at this time in the morning, must be something important….but not in a million years did I expect what came next – Do I have time to do an Interview with him?


My thinking was that anyone who was earning 5 or 6 figs would be the people who would be getting asked for interviews, not the other way around – looks like I’ve landed on my feet with getting a great mentor who is willing to take time out of his busy schedule to spend time with the likes of myself and other normal everyday people – I’m so glad I’m part of the Virtual Profit System….

Below is the Interview that I had with Ben – I do hope there is something in there that will help you if you’re looking to make money online.


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Karen Spence

How To Add A Section To A YouTube Channel

Are you having problems finding the Add a Section Button?


Watch this video and I will show you how to enable the button on YOUR YouTube Channel.

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Karen Spence

Learn – Create – Achieve

How To Input Your YouTube Channel URL To A Blog Or Webpage

On setting up this blog page earlier today, I got a bit confused when I tried to put in my YouTube Channel link in my Social Media section for people to go directly to my social media pages.

What an ideal way to let others see how I managed to rectify the problem I had – surely I was not the only person with this problem ……

…….so if you are also having problems trying to input your YouTube Channel to your blog or webpage I decided to put together a small video so you can see how your problem can be rectified.

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