The Highs And Lows Of Living In Paradise….

It’s what most people dream of day in and day out – to give up the normal routine of the everyday 9-5 and to go and live the luxury lifestyle in paradise.

I’m currently being mentored by 2 great mentors, who just over a year ago, gave up the American lifestyle and the British lifestyle to follow their dreams and move to paradise whilst setting up their own online system.

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Then…..Hurricane Joaquin decides to pay the Bahamas a visit these last few days – watch the videos below to get an insight from one of my mentors Ben – as he scopes to the run up of the hurricane and the after effects.

The island which my mentors were on weren’t hit as bad as some of the other islands in the area, and both my mentors are safe and well and the hurricane has passed the islands now.

For more information on Hurricane Joaquin and more photos after the devastation at some of the other islands click the link HERE.

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Do You Ever Get Complaints?

Do You Ever Get Complaints?

A complaint can be a good thing or a bad thing – depending on how you look at it.

You could take the complaint personally and therefore it will affect you with a negative outcome and probably for the rest of the day.


Or you could take it a good way – if you don’t receive any complaints then you would assume that things you are doing are running smoothly and without any problems – whereas if you do receive a complaint – there’s obviously a reason for it – but is the reason actually you’re fault or just the fault of the person making the complaint?

Take for instance your email list – most people nowadays use an autoresponder – but how many people actually take much notice of the full email message – because if they did – they would see that at the bottom of most emails there is actually an UNSUBSCRIBE button – when clicking this button it actually gives the subscriber the option to unsubscribe from your list – with a detailed breakdown of when and what list they actually subscribed to.

So if you do have a complaint to make at least have the decency to contact the person direct about what the complaint is about, then the problem can hopefully be resolved – otherwise like the instance above with an email list – it could just be down to pure ignorance of the subscriber….

….If you should receive a complaint, but without actually any reason then just move on and forget about it – you’re better off without the person who made the complaint and they were obviously a person who didn’t want your help and advice anyway.

Karen's Head Shot July 15

Karen Spence

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Are You Fed Up Of The 9-5? Why You May Want To Move To Sweden….

What additional things would you be able to do if you worked a 6 hr day?

Several companies within the country of Sweden have implemented a 6 hour work day in hopes of improving quality of work and employee morale.

Do you really think this is feasible?

Watch the video below (By Clicking The Link In Red)

Sweden Is Moving To A SixHour Work Day

What would you do if your work day was SIX HOURS?

Posted by BuzzFeed Trending on Thursday, October 1, 2015

Of course, there are alternatives:-

Work a 2nd, 3rd or 4th JOB to keep up with bills that are due,


Start your own home-based business – then you only need to work however many hours you want, when you want and enjoy the freedom of enjoying life as it should be enjoyed.

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Do You Learn, Apply Then Teach?

Still on the subject of Periscope…
…I’m currently getting additional information from one of my mentors on a daily basis by following his broadcasts on periscope.   All of his broadcasts relate to “Self Made Wealth” and he always gives out lots of golden nuggets.
Today I’m going to pass some of his information on to you – or you can pop over yourself and watch the broadcast HERE
When you learn something new, what do you  do with that information, do you just store it up and then it’s forgotten about, or do you actually put in into action?    Do you then keep all this information to yourself or do you share it with others?
If you learn something new, it’s best to actually go out there and then put what you’ve learnt into practice, on order that it will help you get you to where you want to be.   Once you’ve got to where you want to be, do you then share this with others or do you keep it all to yourself.
If you keep it all to yourself, it’s preventing you from big things happening, as the more you give to others, the more you actually receive back….
Try it for a few days and see if it changes your life – if you have no money to give, give what you know – even a smile can change someone’s life.
Go watch this broadcast now, as it only lasts for 24 hrs.
Remember, if you got anything out of this email or this broadcast, even sharing it with your friends or colleagues, you’ve given something to others…
Here’s to your success – and enjoy.
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Are you on Periscope?


If so, be sure to add me @KarenSpenceUK – also make sure you check out my mentor’s broadcast – you can catch his latest broadcast HERE.


My mentor’s broadcasts relate to “Self Made Wealth” and he always gives out lots of golden nuggets.


Make sure you grab these golden nuggets before the broadcast is removed.


Here’s to your success – enjoy 🙂