Do You Ever Get Complaints?

Do You Ever Get Complaints?

A complaint can be a good thing or a bad thing – depending on how you look at it.

You could take the complaint personally and therefore it will affect you with a negative outcome and probably for the rest of the day.


Or you could take it a good way – if you don’t receive any complaints then you would assume that things you are doing are running smoothly and without any problems – whereas if you do receive a complaint – there’s obviously a reason for it – but is the reason actually you’re fault or just the fault of the person making the complaint?

Take for instance your email list – most people nowadays use an autoresponder – but how many people actually take much notice of the full email message – because if they did – they would see that at the bottom of most emails there is actually an UNSUBSCRIBE button – when clicking this button it actually gives the subscriber the option to unsubscribe from your list – with a detailed breakdown of when and what list they actually subscribed to.

So if you do have a complaint to make at least have the decency to contact the person direct about what the complaint is about, then the problem can hopefully be resolved – otherwise like the instance above with an email list – it could just be down to pure ignorance of the subscriber….

….If you should receive a complaint, but without actually any reason then just move on and forget about it – you’re better off without the person who made the complaint and they were obviously a person who didn’t want your help and advice anyway.

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