IBO Toolbox – Setting Your Own Banners In Your Profile Page

In todays video I will take you step-by-step on how to setup your own banner on your own profile page.

Not already with IBO Toolbox?

Get Access here – http://j.mp/IBO_Toolbox

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How To – Convert Credits To Ads

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Not already with IBO Toolbox? Get Access here – http://j.mp/IBO_Toolbox

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How To Input Your YouTube Channel URL To A Blog Or Webpage

On setting up this blog page earlier today, I got a bit confused when I tried to put in my YouTube Channel link in my Social Media section for people to go directly to my social media pages.

What an ideal way to let others see how I managed to rectify the problem I had – surely I was not the only person with this problem ……

…….so if you are also having problems trying to input your YouTube Channel to your blog or webpage I decided to put together a small video so you can see how your problem can be rectified.

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